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MA Resources Inc. provides quality matches for job seekers in the Information Technology, Financial, and Biotech industries.

We are proud to be a small homegrown boutique shop with a personalized feel that specialize in matching great resources with great opportunities.
We understand that finding the perfect job can sometimes be confusing, and we do our best and take the time to help you find what you are looking for.
Working within our network of Clients we look to match your talent with what our Clients are looking for.

From seasoned professionals to young up and comers we strive to find you the perfect match.

MA Resources Inc. understands what it takes for a company to hire the right professional for the right position. We have developed a comprehensive and continuously growing database of highly qualified candidates in a variety of industries. The result of our efforts has created a loyal client base that utilizes our services on a continual basis. Our firm's success is attributed to being highly focused, well managed, and adaptable to the ever changing marketplace.

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